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Welcome to WRHS Esports, the official website for Wachusett Regional High School’s competitive, team-based video games! Here you will find information on what esports actually is, our specific teams and the games they play, some information about the platforms we use for our games and training, and some of the esports scholarships and other opportunities available in high school, college, and beyond!

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Spring 2023 Interest Form!!!

Below are some of the important dates players will need to know:

Find more details at the following link:

Splatoon 3 games @ 4pm on Tuesdays

Overwatch 2 games @ 4pm on Wednesdays

Mario Kart 8 games @ 4pm on Thursdays


To be prepared for the upcoming season, players should complete the following tasks:

Create an account with PlayVS, Create an account for Discord and join the ESports discord server, and visit the Fall 2022 Schedule from PlayVS. All of these can be completed at the links below:

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