What is Esports?

Esports consists of organized and competitive video games. Players must work together to adhere to strict rules in order to move forward in competitions. Esports events are followed by millions worldwide. 
What can you learn from Esports?
Joining an Esports team can help you develop many skills including(but not limited to):
  • Team work
  • Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Leadership
  • Critical Thinking
  • Dedication
Esports and Colleges

Many colleges offer scholarships and Varsity level Esports programs! These 100+ colleges award over $15 million in scholarships every year! See our College page for more information on future opportunities in college Esports programs.

Who plays Esports?

Everyone and anyone! The High School Esports League has 60,000 players between the US and Canada. The NBA even drafts an official Esports team for their NBA 2k video game franchise. Almost 400 million viewers watched Esports competitions in 2019.
Money in Esports

Esports is a new and growing industry in today's modern world. Besides becoming a professional player, Esports offers a whole new and exciting field of jobs. The Esports industry is expected to bring in over $1.1 billion in 2021.
Did you know?

Participation in Esports has been found to increase academic performance and attendance!

For many students, Esports is their first extra-curricular activity!


 Our Teams: 


Super Smash Bros.
Wachu Wobblers

A fighting game including all of your favorite Nintendo characters. The goal of this game is to strategically fight your opponent in order to gain more eliminations than them.


Mario Kart 8 
Mountaineer Marios

This is another Nintendo game. However, players race their character as efficiently as they can in order to beat their opponents to the finish line.


Rocket League: WachuLeaguers

Rocket League is a game consisting usually of 3-player teams working together to make more goals than their opponents. It follows a similar concept to soccer but is played with cars instead of people.


Splatoon 2

Splatoon's main objective is to cover the landscape of your game with as much of your color paint as possible. Splatoon 2 includes the use of special characters called Inklings.



Players in Overwatch work together to steal the opposing team's flag and bringit back to their team's position. The first team to gain three points and/or have the most points after five minutes, wins!



  • The WachuLeaguers were finalists in the PlayVS Spring 2021 Massachusetts State Championship.

  • The WachuLeaguers were participants in the Summer 2021 PlayVS cup.

  •  The Wachusett Wardens were finalists in the PlayVS Spring 2022 Massachusetts State Championship.

  •  The Wachusett Wijnaldum’s were finalists in the PlayVS Fall 2022 Eastern Region Championship.